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The Annual Report is a summary of the activities and highlights of the previous year. Each report includes a statement of financial position along with a list of sponsors and the members of the TESOL Board of Directors.

TESOL International Association Annual Reports

  • 2012 Annual Report
    Building A Community of Excellence

  • 2011 Annual Report
    Exploring New Waters

  • 2010 Annual Report
    A Year of Transition - A Year of Success

  • 2009 Annual Report (491KB PDF)
    In 2009 TESOL collaborated with Franklin Electronic Publishers and several of its global affiliates to launch the first Global SpellEvent, an English language spelling competition for students 15 years of age and under learning English as a foreign or additional language.
  • 2008 Annual Report (1MB PDF)
    The New York convention drew more than 9,000 attendees.

  • 2007 Annual Report (2MB PDF)
    In 2007 TESOL launched the TESOL Resource Center, a member benefit that features a wide variety of resources for classroom use and professional development.

  • 2006 Annual Report (493 KB PDF)
    In 2006, TESOL hosted its first Advocacy Day, launched an improved career services feature, approved a new part-time membership category, approved the return of TESOL Journal in an online format for 2008, and implemented the online product catalog.

  • 2005 Annual Report (427 KB PDF)
    In 2005, TESOL's position statements and advocacy efforts taught and exemplified tolerance and unity, opposing the passage of English-only policies in the United States and advocating for the creation of more resources and sound policies for English language learners. TESOL believes that all international students and educators must be treated with respect and dignity, and have access to opportunities to study in the United States.

  • 2004 Annual Report (269 KB PDF)
    In 2004, TESOL launched its redesigned Web site, giving members more information, more access, and more ways to get involved with the association right from their own homes. TESOL created new membership categories for lower-income members, and reduced student membership rates, ensuring that the association remains vital and inclusive. These and other projects are detailed in the 2004 Annual Report.

  • 2003 Annual Report (312 KB PDF)
    Hearing Every Voice was more than TESOL's 37th Annual Convention theme: it exemplified TESOL's activities throughout the year. A symposium in Rome, Italy, a Peace Forum in Washington, DC, USA, the China Foreign Language Standards Project, and position statements on teaching EFL and on international education were just a few of TESOL's undertakings in 2003.